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Business Forum Membership Program


The Center for the Study of Diversity and Democracy’s (CSDD) Business Forum is a membership organization focused on providing corporate leaders with access to cutting edge social science research about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The goal is to provide business leaders with insights that they can translate to their own diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. The forum will also provide a space for corporate leaders to exchange ideas and share information about their experiences leading DEI initiatives within their organizations.

Program Structure

The Business Forum consists of five main aspects:

Benefits to Members

The Business Forum will give members early access to discoveries in the social sciences that will have the potential to impact how they promote DEI through their people operations, product development, branding, and corporate social responsibility programs. It will also facilitate the ability of business leaders to develop rosters of experts on issues like implicit bias mitigation, gender equity, LGBTQ+ inclusion, intersectionality, and systemic racism. In short, members will have a front row seat to the discovery of the next hot concepts and strategies in the DEI landscape. Finally, the Business Forum will create a distinct network of professionals who can share insights from their own attempts to mobilize translational research to support diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives within their organizations. Participation in the Forum will provide members with a safe space to share ideas and strategies in an off-the-record setting that is unavailable through public professional conferences on DEI.

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